Climb to the ceiling, swing from the rings and race your friends through obstacle courses fit for a warrior – all before you blow out the candles.

At Labs, it’s not just a birthday party. It’s heart-pounding play. It’s white-knuckle memories. It’s… victory. And our staff of high-energy coaches will help your child & their friends celebrate with cake, presents and victorious, adrenaline-filled fun.

The Details


Length: Each party is 90 minutes, which includes an hour of active fun and 30 minutes for cake & presents (cake not included).

Cost: $25/kid. And since a birthday isn’t victorious without presents, we’ll give each child an exclusive Labs water bottle and wristband for no additional charge.

Age: Ages 7-12 are welcome

Days & Times:  Parties are offered on Saturdays & Sundays at 1:00pm or 3:00pm

Special Offer: You’re welcome to bring your own food to the party; but if you get delicious pizza catered from Aurelio’s, use code “Labs” when ordering for a special discount.

For more information, call 630.445.8168 or complete a quick online form here.