Meet a Leader: Milo

“I don’t allow myself to say, ‘you can’t do that.’”

Milo Swain is a fireworks display in human form. With a boundless energy and optimism, he’s the most formidable Sports Performance Specialist around.

In Milo’s mind, Olympic weightlifting (or any endeavor) is all about building up core skills: strength leads to body control, body control leads to stability, stability leads to flexibility, flexibility leads to speed, and speed leads to power.

In his unique approach, Milo focuses on the triple extension – ankles, knees and hips – then he gets creative. And it works wonders. After all, he’s trained athletes like Olympic gold medalist Kevin Cordes.

“It’s not about money or making a name for yourself. It’s about helping people. And helping people is loving people. If you love first, everything follows.”

Every client is treated like an elite, because they have elite aspiration. All Milo asks is that they believe in themselves. And they believe in him. That’s because a visionary fusion of encouragement and empathy fuels Milo’s unique flavor of coaching. He puts the ‘personal’ in personal trainer, connecting with each and every one of them, and inspiring them to chase their victory. As he always tells his clients, “Don’t allow yourself to be your enemy.”

Milo isn’t just coaching clients in the gym. He’s coaching them through life.

Because at Labs, fitness and life are one in the same.