Meet a Leader: Hannah

Hannah has the heart of a champion. She’s no stranger to adversity, and that’s why she helps every athlete she trains conquer their own challenges.

Hannah has called the water home since

the age of 4. She swam non-stop for 19 years before tearing both shoulders during college, but she persevered. She got reconstructive surgery, and travelled the world. Then Hannah was hit by a drunk driver, suffering a severe spinal injury. Not even that could stop her. Because to Hannah, negativity will never triumph.

“I could have died that day. Swimming is my passion. It’s what I love. I decided I was never going to spend a single day not doing what I loved.”

So at Labs, she does just that. She designs our power and red zone swimming clinics. She coaches water polo, her favorite mix of strategy and skill. And she radiates positivity into the lives of every child she trains.

“All I do all day is bring my love and light to swimming. I want everyone to love it.”

Hannah considers her approach “avant-garde”: she really dives into how each athlete’s mind works, what their motivation is, and know them better.

And she laughs that they teach her as much as she teaches them. Whether it’s an insight about a student, or a new dance move, Hannah learns something new each and every day.

“I see Labs as a community centered on family, building better lives in mind, body and spirit.”

We’re proud that this champion is part of our family.