Aqua Stride at LABS


Aqua Stride allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of running on land – without the harmful impact because it’s done in deep water.
Marathon runners, triathletes, track athletes, and fitness buffs who are looking for new ways to work out and stay in shape  are turning to deep water running.

With Aqua Stride, it does not matter if you are injured, suffer from chronic pain, are overweight, or are in peak physical condition – everyone has something to gain from adding Aqua Stride workouts to their fitness routine.

Coach Caroline Yasuda

Caroline is a seasoned certified distance running coach through Road Runners Club of America, USA Track and Field Coach, plus a certified Youth Fitness Specialist.  She has 14 years of experience as a running coach, and 7 years as a marathon pace leader.

Caroline has experience competing in races, marathons, and all levels of the ultra-marathon, including Boston Marathon, the Tahoe Triple Marathon and Bandara 100K.  She enjoys triathlons and is a 3X Ironman Finisher, enjoys most of all racing the half ironman (70.3) distance and has many shorter races on her resume.


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