The New Labs Swim School

Our new system is designed to benefit our swimmers by offering Report Cards and Testing Days. We also believe that swimming should be FUN, which is why we’re adding a Fun Friday. Scheduling will be done on a Month to Month basis and you can renew your packages at the end of each month  after your child has completed their Testing Day.

The New Labs Swim School

Monthly Packages exclusive to Labs Swim School

4 Lessons @ $79                 1 Lesson per week

6 Lessons @ $119              1-2 Lessons per week

8 Lessons @ $149              2 Lessons per week

12 Lessons @ $219            3 Lessons per week


-NO FEES, NO STRINGS-Scheduling will be open for bookings the last week of each month

-24 hour Cancellation Policy
-First child is regular price, siblings will receive 20% OFF when enrolled within the same month
-First Month comes with a FREE Kids Catalyst of Kids Warrior Class
-Every Swim School Member is granted 20% OFF our Kids Club Pack (Kids Warrior and Kids Catalyst Class Pack)
-Monthly Membership Credits are non-refundable and can only be rescheduled within the same month
-You can adjust your membership month to month


Celebrating the new membership for our Swim School, we will conduct a Fun Friday on select Fridays of each month from 4:30-5:45pm. More details to follow.

-Swim School Members are FREE

-Drop ins and friends are $10


Report Card System for swimmers and parents.

-Assessments will be conducted at the end of each month

-Report Card will be handed out at the end of each assessment


All changes take effect January 1, 2018. Scheduling and registration will begin in December 2017 and all swimmers or families who sign up before January 1 will receive a 15% DISCOUNT on their first child for their first month. The NEW Weekly Class Schedule will be available in December 2017 at the same time registration opens.

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