We teach swimming safer faster. 

Labs is a highly successful, fun and innovative way to learn to swim.

Our small, warm water tanks help children become more comfortable and confident in the water without the fears associated with large, crowded lessons. Our certified staff is always within arm’s reach, fixated on your child’s progress and safety, while your child stays focused on learning.

Seeing is Believing.

We use innovative technology including video feedback and mirrors on the bottom of the pool. Being able to see yourself  adds a unique perspective, it’s highly effective and fun. Our technology helps teach our students the most correct methods of swimming, making them safer and stronger in the water.

Fun for parents.

As a parent, you’ll enjoy the advantage of getting to see your child’s learning take place right before your eyes. Our facility includes a comfortable sitting area with large glass windows looking directly into the pools so that parents can view their children’s progress.


We guarantee no more than 4 students in a class. This allows our instructors to effectively spend quality time with each student, ensuring equal progress.


The Labs is a competitive swim school. While we focus on making sure each student is “water safe”, we assure that our students learn the disciplines of all four competitive strokes.


We schedule our lessons monthly with consistent days and times. Because our lessons are in such high demand, we recommend signing up and paying in advance, which reserves your spot indefinitely until you notify us otherwise.


Our custom flow pools are 16x10ft wide, 3.5ft deep and have benches that surround the edges standing 12 inches from the surface.  An experience that is comforting, courageous and fun.

Each pool is equipped with a 360-degree underwater cameras and pool-length mirrors.

Monthly Credit Options:

1 Lesson (Max 3 per person)                       $19.75

4 Lessons (1 Class per week)                      $79.00

6 Lessons (1.5 Classes per week)               $115.00

8 Lessons (2 Classes per week)                  $149.00

12 Lessons (3 Classes per week)                $219.00


Class Schedule 2018

Little Splash
30 min. 3:1 Ratio
4:00pm 4:00pm 8:50am
5:40pm 5:40pm 9:25am
Big Splash 
30 min. 4:1 Ratio
4:35pm 4:35pm 10:00am
6:25pm 6:25pm 11:10am
Tidal Wave
30 min. 4:1 Ratio
4:35pm 4:35pm 10:00am
6:20pm 6:20pm 10:35am
6:55pm 6:55pm 12:15pm
Tidal Wave 2
30 min. 4:1 Ratio
5:10pm 5:10pm 10:35am
5:45pm 5:45pm 11:45am
6:25pm 6:25pm 12:50pm
Race Ready
30 min. 4:1 Ratio
6:20pm 6:20pm 11:10am
Race Ready 2
45 min. 4:1 Ratio
4:15pm 4:15pm 8:00am
6:55pm 6:55pm 11:45am
Victory Group
60 min.
6:00pm 6:00pm 9:00am
Chaser Group
5:00pm 5:00pm 10:00am
Beginner Adult
Swim 45 min.
7:15m 7:15pm 8:00am
Master Swim 5:15am 6:00am 5:00am 6:00am 5:15am 6:00am 6:00am
6:15am 6:15am 6:15am
11:00am 11:00am
7:15pm 7:15pm
Aqua Stride 5:10am 7:45am 7:15am 7:00am
5:10pm 5:10pm


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