Swimming for Competitors

Train exactly like an Olympian…

…Whether or not you are one.

Since the beginning of sport, elite athletes have had the best in technology and coaching.

So why shouldn’t you?

360-degree underwater camera analysis systems. Constant guidance from legendary coaches. An elite blend of both high technology and smart programming to help swimmers perfect their every kick, turn and stroke – down to the tenth-of-a-degree.

This is the peak of performance training. And it used to be just for the pros. The Olympians. The elite.

But now, at Labs… it’s just for you.

From multi-speed custom flow pools to individually tailored programs, we treat you like an Olympian – even if you’re new to the sport. That’s because we believe in your victory. To us, it’s just as important as a gold medal or a world record. And whether you’re sharpening your edge for the next race or just trying to get in shape, we’ll match you with the best technology and coaches in the world…

… so you can dive in, pull ahead of the field and Chase Your Victory.