Test your balance and increase awareness and core strength. LABS SUP Yoga class is intended to remove stress and tension while giving an all-over physical workout

Saturdays at 1:30pm


$25 Drop in Fee

12 Pack of Classes Available $220

Please call 630-445-8168 for Registration

Class M T W Th F Sa Su
SUP Yoga 1:30p
Aqua Stride 9:15a 5:10a 9:15a 5:10a 7:45a 7:15a 7:00a
5:10p 5:10p 4:00p
Beginner Adult 7:30p 7:15p 7:30p 7:15p 8:45a
Swim Lessons
Masters 5:15a 6:00a 5:15a 6:00a 5:15a 6:00a 6:00a
6:15a 6:15a 6:15a
8:15a 8:15a
7:15p 7:15p