Test your balance and increase awareness and core strength.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of traditional – with the added challenge of stabilization. No prior experience is required.

LABS SUP Yoga class is intended to remove stress and tension while giving an all-over physical workout.

Classes Take Place Saturdays at 1:30pm

$25 Drop in Cost
12 Pack of Classes Available $220

5 Reasons Why You Should Try SUP Yoga:

  1. It’s a better workout- Since the platform is unstable, you have to engage your core more for better balance.
  2. It will refine your technique- You’ll be more in tune with your poses, according to Namaste S.U.P. For example, during downward dog, if you have more weight on one side, your board will let you know.
  3. It’s calming- The sensation of floating helps to alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on our shoulders.
  4. It will help you focus on your breath- The gentle sound of water lapping while on a paddleboard will help you relax and key you in to the most important aspect of yoga: your breath.
  5. It’s empowering- Standing up on a paddle board gives you a unique perspective of both the water and the horizon. (Huffington post)

Please call 630-445-8168 for Registration

^LABS Youth SUP Workshop. Our classes are usually an even mix- Stand-Up Paddleboard is for all Ages!

Class Schedule

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SUP Yoga 1:30p

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