Recover Like a Pro


The pursuit of victory doesn’t stop here.

The chase is a lifestyle, and we’ll help you apply it to daily life with recovery and refueling. Labs gives you the opportunity to walk in and get high-quality care and recovery services that were one only available to professional athletes.

Recovery Lounge Services

Vibroacoustic Therapy Vibroacoustic Therapy Table  Sessions will induce deep relaxation and restore both body and mind.

Decrease Anxiety & Depression

Promote Physical &  Emotional Relaxation

Increase Clarity – Focus – Alertness

15 Minutes      $15 Member      $20 Non Member

30 Minutes     $30 Member      $35 Non Member

45 Minutes     $42 Member      $50 Non Member

60 Minutes    $52 Member       $60 Non Member

Sound therapy benefits human health both physiologically and mentally. The low  vibrations increase cellular movement, thus increasing energy and cellular regeneration in the body. Consequently, reducing inflammation,  pain, and stress.


Elevated Legs Compression

Including Elevated Legs into your daily recovery routine can help you to accelerate the recovery process that your body’s lymphatic and vascular systems do naturally over a longer period of time. By promoting increased blood flow, pneumatic compression helps your body  remove the accumulation of waste in your muscles more quickly and  efficiently than your body can  normally. Your muscles heal and can recover faster.

10 Minutes         $15 Member      $20 Non Member

20 Minutes         $20 Member    $25 Non Member

30 Minutes         $25 Member    $30 Non Member

Complimentary 10 Minute session with the purchase of another Recovery Service


Body Reset

Body Reset Service involves a physical evaluation and an integrated therapeutic approach in the  treatment of affected muscles, joints, and connective tissues. Treatment methods include soft tissue massage, myofascial  release, trigger point therapy, stretching techniques, cupping therapy, and functional postural exercise therapy.

30 Minutes           $50 Member      $65 Non Member

60 Minutes           $90 Member      $105 Non Member


Marc Pro E-Stim

Using Marc Pro after any training session or activity will greatly improve your  recovery allowing you to feel better,  perform better,and reduce the chance of injury. If you’re dealing with pain  beyond soreness, E-stim services can  provide significant, lasting, drug-free pain relief.

A Marc Pro session uses proprietary and patented technology to create non-fatiguing muscle contractions that flush out waste and deliver nourishment to the area. This is the foundation of recovery, conditioning, and lasting pain relief.

4 Pack Electrodes       $12 Member            $17 Non Member

30 Minutes                   $25 Member            $30 Non Member

60 Minutes                   $40 Member             $45 Non Member

Body Reset Services are by appointment only:

Hours:   Monday – Friday  6am-7pm

Saturday 6am – 2pm

Sunday  6am – 1pm

For more information please call (630) 445-8168