Aqua Stride at LABS


Aqua Stride allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of running on land – without the harmful impact because it’s done in deep water.
Marathon runners, triathletes, track athletes, and fitness buffs who are looking for new ways to work out and stay in shape  are turning to deep water running.

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The New Labs Swim School

Our new system is designed to benefit our swimmers by offering Report Cards and Testing Days. We also believe that swimming should be FUN, which is why we’re adding a Fun Friday. Scheduling will be done on a Month to Month basis and you can renew your packages at the end of each month  after your child has completed their Testing Day.

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Meet a Leader: Dena

Dena Colie never stops. She is always chasing her victory.

Ever since she began the triathlon, Dena has pushed tenacity to its limit.

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