Meet a Leader: Mary

For Mary Tobiason, athletics has never been about competition. It’s been about setting a goal, and exceeding it.

Like when she started running at the age of 8. Or when she became a trainer at the University of Iowa at the age of 18. When she became an 8-time All-American, and came in the top 3% qualifying for the Iron Man world championship. When she started a journalism career. When she quit corporate America to make her passion her occupation.

When it comes to working out, Mary believes that “It’s a get-to, not a have-to.” It’s a privilege to be physically active, and it’s a privilege to help people reach their goals.

While there is never a typical day at the Labs, Mary certainly loves every mark of the calendar. “I look out and see the dream coming true for so many people. They’re feeling better, and they’re living a better life.”

Mary is proud to empower her clients with information, and help them chase their victory down, whatever that victory may be.