Meet a Leader: Dena

Dena Colie never stops. She is always chasing her victory.

Ever since she began the triathlon, Dena has pushed tenacity to its limit.

She was working at Edwards Hospital when a good friend and her husband, who were heavily involved in the triathlete community, invited her to try it out. So she took a class, and quickly fell in love. She’s still pedaling 12 years later.

“What drives me is the hunger to excel, to constantly improve and constantly educate.”

An All-American for the last 5 years, Dena has also represented on Team USA for the last 3. She’s even going to Netherlands this September to compete distance.

And as Labs’ Kids Triathlon Director, she takes every ounce of her knowledge and passion for the sport, and brings it to the next generation of triathletes. With every session, she builds their confidence and foundational strength, and gets them on track for a healthy lifestyle.

Dena stresses the fundamentals, making sure they understand their strokes, how to balance and breathe in the water, stay safe on a bike, and harness their natural energy to make great strides in short bursts.

And as wise as she is determined, Dena is always focusing on the fourth discipline, the transition: seamlessly switching from one event to the next.

“The beauty about triathlon is you see all ages, from 7 to 80. It’s a sport that provides us longevity, and I see myself coaching for quite some time.”

Because Dena knows that if you want to pursue victory, it’s never too early, and it’s never too late. You just have to chase it.