Mary Tobiason

General Manager

Victory is a lifestyle. And few know this better than Mary.

With a resume that includes 6 USA Triathlon All-American honors and 6 Ironman finishes (so far…), Mary knows that nutrition, bio-feedback and general wellness are just as vital to your achievement as the training itself.

Now, she’s using her 25 years of fitness experience to help every athlete pursue their victory, chase their achievement and live their triumph.

Andy Potts

Director of Cycling

If you’re chasing victory, it pays to have a coach who understands it.

An Olympian who has triumphed at 7 Ironmans and 27 Ironman 70.3 races (and counting…), Andy knows what it takes to chase your victory at this demanding sport.

You have to be proactive, every workout on your own terms. You have to perfect the “little things,” like transitions and diet and pre-race routine. And you have to know what you’re after – your reason for spending those early mornings with your heart pumping in our cycling facility.

As the architect of our virtual triathlete program, Andy will supplement your training with a rare brand of hard-earned wisdom – the kind that only comes from miles, grit and years of chasing victory.

Gina Tanglis

Director of Fitness Operations

Success is a science.

Gina Tanglis has been studying it all her life.

At MoveUp, she combines her experience as a Personal Trainer & fitness enthusiast with mental expertise to give each program the calculated regimen of a champion.

NSCA Certified Personal Trainer, Sports Performance Training Certificate, Functional Movement Systems (FMS) Certified, CDC Concussions in Youth Sports Certified, Experience as a Physical Therapy Technician, Background in Medical Assisting.

Specialties: Functional Movement, Strength Training, Sports Conditioning, Weight Loss.
Because victory is by design, and Gina is the architect.