Fitness for Kids

Victory is for all ages.

As a member of the Labs fitness program, your child will build the fundamentals of physical & mental wellness – and have no idea they’re doing it.

That’s because we build strength, speed & sportsmanship through games of giant dodgeball and obstacle courses made for a warrior. Your child will get fit. They’ll have way too much fun. And they’ll get in the habit of chasing victory for life.

Class Schedule

Class M T W Th F Sa Su
Kids Warrior
(7-16 Year Olds)
4:30p 4:30p 10:30a
Kids Warrior
Kids Catalyst
(7-16 Year Olds)
4:30p 4:30p
The Lab Class
2:30-4:30p 2:30-4:30p 2:30-4:30p 2:30-4:30p 2:30-4:30p 11:00a-1:00p

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