Personal Training

It used to be just for the elites.


There was a time when things like custom-designed equipment and expert coaching were reserved for only the fastest & strongest. It was a time when only the Olympic-level athletes – the top tenth-of-a-percent – got instant feedback while they trained on world-class equipment. It was a time for the few & the fit.

That time is over.

At Labs, we believe your goals are just as important as the quote-unquote elite. And we’ll be damned if you don’t get treated like one. That’s why, when you enroll in our personal training program, you’ll get an unparalleled experience – complete with immediate bio-feedback and coaching from legends of your sport. Sure, it used to be just for the elite. But now…

…It’s just for you.

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Personal Training Pricing


Single Session         $95

12 Sessions              $1092

24 Sessions             $2088


Small Group  2-6 People

Single Session         $49

12 Sessions              $552

24 Sessions             $1032

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Redcord is the common thread between healthcare, fitness and sports performance on the wellness continuum.

This suspension training provides fast and proven efficacy for anyone who would like to prevent injuries, perform better, avoid pain or just want to stay active.

All treatment is based on scientific studies. Typical of Redcord’s total and holistic approach is the way it bridges the gap between performance-oriented training and rehabilitation from injury. Our method emphasizes individual adjustment and may produce immediate results for patients of all ages.

Neurac is an active treatment approach consisting of four main elements:

  1. Suspension exercise
  2. Controlled vibration/perturbation to selected body parts
  3. Workload, specific and gradual exercise progression
  4. A pain-free approach

Redcord Personal Training Pricing

Single Session    $90

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