Dive into the Future of Kids’ Swimming

Kids Swim

At Labs, we’ve brought together some of the world’s best swim instructors and swim technology, crafting a program where your child will swim with strength, confidence and – most importantly – safety.

This is the future of kids’ swimming:

#1: Custom-flow technology. Our individual training pools can be adjusted to any speed, so your child can swim at a pace that’s right for them.

#2: Parent cams. Relax in our parent lounge, and our camera system will give you a live feed of your child’s lesson.

#3: Smaller pools. Our training pools are 16 feet long x 10 feet wide, giving your child one-on-one instruction you won’t find anywhere else.

#4: Shallow introduction edges. Our pools are fitted with shallow edges, allowing kids to test the waters and gradually work their way in.

#5: Instant feedback. Each pool is equipped with a 360-degree underwater camera analysis system and pool-length mirrors, giving your child instant feedback on their form – so they can become a faster, more efficient swimmer.

#6: Kid-friendly instructors. Our instructors have years of experience helping kids of all ages chase their victory.