Your Victory.

You’ve heard it before … that ROAR, that rush of gold-medal adrenaline that courses through an athlete at the moment of victory. Turns out, you don’t have to be an Olympian or even elite to feel that rush. You just have to chase it.

At Labs, we believe everyone can pursue achievement. That’s why we take things normally reserved for the elite – like real-time feedback, custom-designed equipment & expertise from legends of the sport – and bring them to every athlete. Of every discipline. Of every level.

So everyone can chase their victory.


Anyone can dive in.

Whether you’re chasing a new P.R. or just dipping your toes for the first time, your goals are just as important as an Olympian’s. And we take them just as seriously. That’s why we had a team of elite swimmers craft a program just for you… leveraging custom-designed equipment with the kind of expertise you only find in the deep end.

  • Kids

    With kid-friendly instructors, cameras that let parents watch and a highly motivated octopus named Victor, your child will find the courage to dive in.

  • Adult

    From just getting in the water to mastering your form, we’ll help you chase that victory.

  • Competitive

    Multi-speed custom flow pools, 360-degree underwater camera analysis systems and legendary coaches: This is the section you don’t want your competition knowing about.


Anyone can chase It.

With instant bio-feedback, custom-designed equipment and long-term planning, our legends have crafted a program that will make any athlete stronger, fitter, faster. All you need is tenacity. We’ll take care of the rest.

  • Personal Training

    With constant feedback and guidance on everything from mindfulness to nutrition, our coaches will help you chase victory on a personal level.

  • Group Classes

    Join a community of like-minded individuals who know that purpose separates an athlete from someone who’s just working out.

  • Kids

    For our young victory-chasers, triumph involves monkey bars, rope-climbing and games of giant dodgeball.

Triathlete Training

Prepare for Victory.

Designed by Olympic Triathlete and Director of Cycling Andy Potts, our triathlon training programs work to make you master of the pool, pedal, and pavement. Get the endurance and explosive power you need to clinch a championship.

  • Triathlete

    Experience the rush as you’re coached by Ironman legends in our state-of-the-art cycling facility, our multi-speed custom flow pools and our custom-designed strength-training center.

Competitive Training

Everyone is an athlete.

There’s a rush that only comes at the finish of a triathlon or the buzzer of the state championship. We call it “victory.” And whoever you are, whatever you’re after… we’ll help you chase it.

  • Individual

    From high-school athletes to masters-level runners, our legends will guide you to victory.

  • Team

    Victory doesn’t play favorites. But it does seem to heavily favor teams that train with our legendary coaches and custom-designed equipment.



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